Restricting Unauthorized Activities at Manjooran Rowan Park Scarlet Tower 2

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There have been several instances of misuse and unauthorized use of common facilities at Scarlet by various unapproved tenants, daily lodging seekers, and miscreants. We would like to request you--being the authority in all such matters pertaining to the said tower, till the formation of the association--to intervene and ensure that the issue is resolved promptly. As an immediate course of action, we would request you to restrict access to the gym, recreation hall, and swimming pool for exclusive use by flat owners at Scarlet. The caretaker/watchman needs to be instructed to ensure that there is no unauthorized use of the said facilities and the same be put under lock and key at all times unless being used by authorized personnel. Also, access for Oyo staff should be disabled immediately. We would request you to take all necessary action to ensure the safety and security of the residents and the Scarlet property by restricting the renting of apartments as service apartments either individually or through third-party agencies such as Oyo.