Stop the proposed expansion of Aggrecon mine in Kiel, WI

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Aggrecon LTD currently operates a gravel and sand mining quarry spanning nearly 80 acres located at 16800 Little Elkhart Lake Rd., Kiel, WI.  They are trying to obtain permits and variances from Manitowoc County to allow a new 60 foot deep quarry to be dug and operated at 16711 Little Elkhart Lake Rd, Kiel,WI.  This location would put them within  500 feet of the Sheboygan River, which is where they currently pump the ground water that seeps into their mine.  They want to get a variance allowing them to operate the mine within 300 feet of numerous private residences.  Concerns include the health hazards associated with the silica dust created with this type of mining (silica dust is a known carcinogen), personal property value loss (who will buy a home located on the precipice of a quarry), and the environmental dangers of mining and pumping run-off water into the Sheboygan River.  My home would be located within 275' of the proposed mine, down wind.  Daily we get a fine blanket of silica dust on every horizontal surface inside and outside our home and the mine is currently 1500' away.  I can't imagine what it will be like if it is allowed to be within 300 feet. There are dozens of homes and families that are being  affected in these ways by this mine.  These negative effects will only be exacerbated by a mining expansion like the one proposed by Aggrecon LTD.  We also share great concern for our ground water resources and our natural environment.  Residential wells in the area have already gone dry from the mining operation and have had to be re-drilled.  The current pit is draining water from the water table, which Aggrecon pumps out of the mine and directly into the Sheboygan River.  With a new mine, these issues only multiply.  Please stop Aggrecon, LTD from excavating our families' heath, financial security and natural resources for their financial gain.Sign this petition to stop Aggrecon from expanding it's mining facility in Kiel, WI