Stop the inhumane treatment of our students, we want strawberry milk!

Stop the inhumane treatment of our students, we want strawberry milk!

February 4, 2021
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manitou springs middle school
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joseph Murphy

This has gone on far too long.  We the students of this school hereby not only deserve but have earned the right to better school lunches.  The pure quality of these disgusting lunches is repulsive! We are tired of receiving insufficient nutrition and unacceptable mystery meat.  We have grown convinced that it is not normal meat, but horse meat. Have we not suffered enough?! We are sick and tired of prepackaged food made with the minimum amount of effort.  Everything is ill considered and mass produced to the point of pungent repulsiveness. The pizza is like cardboard. The students have had it! Offense after offense, are we being punished?, and if so, for what! We have been good kids, but you take away what little freedom we have in this school. The school is playing a dangerous game, treating their students like this and attempting to feed us with this... this foulness! We have been wronged one too many times, so here we stand, and we stand firm, asking for what is right … better school lunches! So, students join me in this, we will be heard! I do this not only for me and my generation, but for generations to come. some of the things we expect:

  • strawberry milk!
  • not just sauce and weird cheese slapped onto a nasty piece of crust, we want pizza that is actually hand made, and not frozen, and also we want good cheese,( and it has to at least taste somewhat like restaurant pizza) 
  •  mac and cheese that is not just nasty cheese and overcooked noodles, we want lots of types of SHARP cheese, and noodles that don't actually taste like plastic
  • some things that are actually sweet. ex: cookies, pastries. (no healthy school things anymore)
  • no more mystery meat
  • no more corrupt healthy school lunch thing. (we all know the school  did that just to get funding)
  • no more windex-tasting apples
  • some sort of actually good soup. ex: chicken soup with noodles.
  • good, buttery, light, fluffy biscuits.
  • some more drink options: some sort of real juice
  • some sort of chicken nuggets or tenders
  • just try to improve the school lunches in general.
  • .again, we are not asking for perfection, but at least something of quality just so that when we are eating we feel a little better. some benefits: 
  • better morale overall.
  • with better nutrition, comes better work and energy
  • no more students conversing about how bad it is, once we are satisfied we will relent.
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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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