Manitobans calling for the immediate resignation of Brian Pallister and his entire cabinet

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This is a call for Premier Brian Pallister and his entire cabinet to step down and resign, immediately!

Today, we learned of a nightmare scenario at Revera run, Maples Personal Care Home, that occurred last night. Thanks to an attending paramedic at the scene, we learned of an understaffed facility, patients who had been soiled for hours, patients not fed or hydrated for hours and most disturbing, 2 patients who had been deceased for hours, found in a rigor state. 

Tonight, our Government, along with a Revera official held a press conference to "address" what happened last night, at the Maples PCH in Winnipeg. They contradicted all the paramedic had said and danced around questions asked by reporters. Questions asked about staffing shortages/being understaffed, soiled/dehydrated/un-fed patients and the patients that died. They contradicted what the paramedic said by stating the 2 patients who died, had passed between the time the call went out to the paramedics and when they arrived. This means that they would not have been dead for "hours" as the paramedic claimed. They then said that one died before calling for help from paramedics, in turn contradicting themselves.

The Manitoba Government has failed its residents during this entire pandemic. Cameron Friesen has failed our health care staff and patients in hospitals and PCH's. Failing small businesses, failing to properly protect its residents by enforcing mandates and now its most vulnerable people, the very ones Brian Pallister shed crocodile tears for on Thursday, our seniors. He is allowing them to die horrible deaths in care homes that don't "care"for them either. 

Demand change! Demand it now! Let Brian Pallister know he needs to go!

***Update, Nov 10th***

After new light has been shed about what is happening in our personal care homes, hospitals and schools, we need to share this petition more and get as many signatures as possible. 

Yesterday we found out that what happened on Friday night at the Maples PCH, was not the first incident of it's kind, in WInnipeg. It has happened recently at another Revera run PCH, Parkview. The Manitoba Government is lying to it's residents, not being transparent and blatantly feeding us misinformation. This is being done at the expense of our most vulnerable people, our health care workers, our teachers and all frontline staff all to make himself, Brian Pallister look good! 

We also found out that our "essential" frontline staff, doctors, nurses, teachers etc, have been issued outdated/expired PPE to "protect" themselves during a deadly pandemic. 

The government knew about the above stated situations and has done nothing until teachers, paramedics, doctors and nurses started speaking up. They blatantly lied to us about the situation on Friday, November 6th at Maples PCH. It wasn't until yesterday when, Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services officials confirmed what the paramedic posted on reddit, Saturday, November 7th, did they admit that there were issues. They knew, knew all along as a similar issue happened recently at Parkview PCH. 

Brian Pallister and Cameron Friesen, STOP LYING to us all and resign now!

Thank you to all who have supported this petition so far and please keep sharing and signing. This is being sent to the Premier and Minister of Health. Thank you to those brave men and women who are our doctors, nurses, paramedics, teachers, etc. for speaking up and telling Manitobans the real truth!