No Sexuality Education Before 5th Grade

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The Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC) submitted recommendations to the Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education on May 2019. There are two, out of the eight, recommendations that should remain within parental rights rather than being introduced by school education.

Below are excerpts of the summary of the SERC written submission, which can be found at this link here

"Recommendations Summary

To do better for Manitoba, SERC recommends the following actions:

3. Sexuality education needs to start before Grade 5, and should be woven throughout multiple subjects. This sentiment of early years education is backed by the province’s own website, however, in practice this often does not happen.

5. Curriculum, resources and all supporting documents need to reflect sexual, gender and relationship diversity to provide relevant education for all students. Current provincial sexuality education resources display a bias to uphold heterosexual (“straight”) and cisgender (“non-transgender”) identities leaving many students without relevant education. This does not live up to schools’ respect for human diversity policies or the province’s own Supporting Transgender and Gender Diverse Students in Manitoba’s Schools document. This is true for sexuality and curricula of all other subjects. "

Speaking from the point of view as parents, we do not believe introducing this material to children as young as K-5 is age appropriate nor do children of this age have the tools to comprehend sexuality, nor do we want them to.

We are not okay with this information being presented to our children. We don’t believe that the school system should have the right to teach topics that are beyond the comprehension of young children.  The concept of sexual orientation is far too complex of a topic for elementary aged children to be introduced into the school. This content is far too mature and is very inappropriate to have this taught within a school setting.

As parents, we feel that our parental rights are being taken away. We are not comfortable having that right defined by the educational curriculum, We feel this is a parent’s right and not the school’s to decide how this subject should be approached. Parents should have the right to decide how our children are exposed to controversial subjects. This is being presented in other schools across the nation and feel that this is taught in partiality so the children are left more confused and will have more questions that we feel a teacher is not equipped to answer. This is not fair to the teachers nor the parents and children. We don’t think it is fair to be forced to learn and accept an idea if it is not in line with a person’s morals or beliefs.

Please consider the impact the changes to the curriculum will have on our children and for us parents too. Please be an advocate for our community and for the freedom to parent our children. Please consider the impact this will have on our children. A school is a place for education not indoctrination. Let our kids just be kids.