close down the schools!!

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As everyone knows, we are about to enter lockdown in Manitoba. We are no longer allowed to see anyone outside of our immediate family, local business are closing and the covid cases are skyrocketing 

But, throughout all of this, schools are still open and running. Buildings that have over 1000 kids in them are still open. Elementary students in grade 3 and below aren’t required to wear a face mask/covering. And yet people wonder where all the new covid cases are coming from.

Schools should be shut down and run online for the next month at the least to ensure the safety of the students and teachers all across Manitoba. Keeping them running is ensuring that covid will continue to get worse. To make matters even more interesting, if a teacher is asymptomatic, but someone they’re living with is symptomatic, that teacher is not required to self isolate and is still allowed to teach at school. How is this safe?? 

At River East Collegiate, a medical note is required in order for a student to do all of their learning online. If a student, or their parent feels that their child can be at home, then they shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of getting a medical note from the doctor in order to do that!! 

Please sign this petition to help spread awareness and prevent more families from getting this horrible disease!!