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Allow private insurance companies to offer auto insurance

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Manitoba is the only province where the auto insurance is bought through a Crown Corporation. It's not fair that they have a monopoly for auto insurance. There are lots of options for home insurance but not for auto (including RV, boat, ATV, etc.). They constantly break their own rules and we have no choice but to agree with them otherwise you don't have insurance.

They are also the only Corporation that I know of that forces customers to accept used (recycled) parts or aftermarket parts when their car is in a collision. Unless the customer wants to pay the difference. Even though MPI states that your car will be fixed to pre-accident condition. Which to me means using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, unless of course the customer has aftermarket parts installed. I forgot to mention that Manitoba has more auto recyclers in all of Canada. Why, because MPI gets a kickback from them for every recycled part used in AutoPac repairs. When a vehicle is in an accident and the airbag(s) blows and the car gets written off, the owner can buy the car back or someone else can buy it from MPI's auction. They can fix it themselves and must get it safetied in order to register it but guess what!? Airbags do not need to be replaced to pass safety!!

Also, MPI makes money off tickets handed out by police. How you ask? Easy, it's called demerits. The more demerits a driver has the more money that person pays for their licence and insurance. So not only does the driver have to pay for the ticket, they also take a hit on their licence.

Not only do they increase their rates every year. They also keep changing their policies to make more money for themselves. While services don't improve.

Manitobans should be able to have choice when it comes to auto insurance just like we do for homes. I'm not saying we need to get rid of MPI altogether, but just allow other companies to offer auto insurance. MPI can then offer home insurance if they like. It's time for a change!

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