Stop Privatization Of Manitoba Provincial Parks

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Manitoba Provincial Parks must remain publicly owned.

Premier Brian Pallister is looking to privatize our Provincial Parks.

    His plan will not improve the quality of park amenities but will lead to the degradation of natural ecosystems and increase the cost of visiting. Public lands will be transferred into private hands. Commercialization for profits will be more important than maintaining the natural diversity.

         Commercialization will degrade the natural ecosystem. Increased business will increase the human footprint on these 'protected' lands. More pollution will harm native wildlife. Increased noise will ruin the natural setting. Our nature sanctuaries will become full of human waste.

         Visiting these parks will become less enjoyable. Trail and beach maintenance will not be held to the same standards. The natural ecosystem will be degraded.

        Privatization will increase the costs of visiting these natural settings. Not only will we be paying taxes to these companies, we will have to pay them again to visit our parks. Visiting our Provincial parks are a staple of Manitoban life. They are important for our physical and mental health. Increased costs will affect how many people can afford to visit.

"Public parks belong to all of us. We all own and pay for them through our taxes, and we should be making sure everyone can access them."(Lisa Naylor)