Support for the South Central Natural Gas Project

Support for the South Central Natural Gas Project

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Below is a list of agriculture producers, businessmen and residents living throughout the South Central Natural Gas Project area who wish to express their support for the South Central Natural AGs Project. We want to express our pride we have in this area for the rich diversity of people, assets, businesses and resources. From our youth to our elderly residents, farms and businesses, our schools, daycare and senior centers, our health and recreational facilities, our land and water resources, and connection to transportation distribution, we are in a fortunate position. It is small rural communities like ours that are so vital to the fabric of Manitoba and we need to be constantly investing in to keep them functional and prosperous. We support the initiative that has been taken by the partnering municipalities and commend the significant effort and investment that has been made over the past five years to keep interest in this Project and keep it moving forward. 

We continue to advocate for natural gas in the area for the following reasons: 

1) To meet Manitoba’s commitment to eliminate coal burning for space heating;

2) To aid in a risk management by having energy options;

3) and to provide affordability for encouraging community retention and expansion