Keep the Median open at Hwy 52 & Ash St in Mitchell, MB

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Manitoba Infrastructure is closing the median on Hwy 52 at Ash Street in Mitchell, MB. Ash is the main road into town for both of our schools, for buses, for residents, and for all Arena traffic. It is the “Main Street of Mitchell”.
Access coming in to town from the west, or leaving Mitchell and turning east towards Steinbach is now cut off.  We need to speak up before it is made permanent.
Our side streets heading to the very few other exits in town are far too narrow to support this amount of traffic. This would create a huge influx of vehicles including school buses down streets not designed for it, with far too many parked cars and children walking and playing on them. 
Yes, something needs to be done for the safety of children crossing the highway from the south side of Mitchell, but this is not the answer. Peters Lane on the west is a horrible road to make a main route! It doesn’t line up with the highway, and already can’t sustain the parked cars, children, and traffic it had before this change began. We need to keep full access to Ash!
Please take the time to sign the petition, and share with others in Mitchell!