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The very extended closure of gyms and fitness centres in Manitoba and the rest of Canada has had a very significant negative impact on mental and physical health of many community members around our province. Consistently for over a month now public health data has shown the curve is near completely flat in Manitoba and many other provinces, and yet the government has opened shopping malls but refuses to open gyms which are essential facilities for our physical and mental health. I have written to our local MLA and will be drafting a letter to the premiers office, the minister of health, and all sitting Members of the Legislative Assembly.


The closure of gyms for an extended period of time has severely affected my mental health, and has done the same to many others. The government refuses to provide a reason for keeping them closed and will not provide even a tentative date for reopening them. Protocols have been out in place in many other areas around the world to allow gyms to open, and considering our curve is flattened, this should be allowed. We want the government to recognize the need to have these essential facilities open. They are significantly safer than shopping malls and can be limited to certain hours and occupancy limits. 

it’s time for the government to recognize this. Lets create change together! If we don’t succeed, the mental and physical health of many people in our province and country is going to continue to suffer. 

- Matthew Boux, a very concerned citizen.


UPDATE: once again gyms appear to be closing in many areas of the country, please share and sign this petition to prevent this from happening again for an extended period of time! We need to keep them open.