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I only get 10.5 hours of home care staff a day. For the rest of the day, I'm on my own.  My safety is at risk and my freedom is being suffocated.  My physical and mental well-being have been deteriorating at a quick rate.  Having to plan 24 hours into 10.5 hours, is so very taxing.

The way my situation works, is that I'm on What's called self-managed home care.
I get 155 hours every 2 weeks. I then have to break down my days into hour blocks. This averages out to10.5 hours a day, when I have staff with me. The rest of the day I'm on my own. My mental health is deteriorating because every second of my life must be planned. I am alone so much that I'm scared to live because well, I don't have enough time to do anything and I cannot defend myself. My physical well-being is falling apart too. I don't have anybody at night to turn me in bed and during the day, my life is so very compacted, that my physical well-being is put aside.
One cold winters night it was -40. I heard a noise and went outside to see what it was. I ended up getting stuck in a snowbank. I was in nothing but a T-shirt. HAVING NO STAFF TO HELP ME. I WAS AT MOTHER NATURE'S MERCY AND DIDN'T KNOW IF THIS WAS MY LIFE'S END. Luckily I ended up only freezing all my fingers and am still here to tell my story.

I have asked for more hours and have been denied. If I want 24 hour care, moving into a personal care home is my only option. 

I've worked so hard to gain my independence, and don't want to loose it.

I have been told that because I don't  have a mental disability, I don't fall under the "Vulnerable Persons Act."  My life is always  going to be depended on other people, thus making me very vulnerable.

I do a lot for my community and want to do more.  Getting a job is also a major goal of mine.  None of this will happen without me getting 24 hour care. My soul will continue to become dimmer and dimmer, to the point that I'm nothing.

Please sign this petition to show your support, for me becoming a full fledged member of society and getting 24 hour care.


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