Provision of free of cost milk for children studying in government schools.

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 I am an intern at a primary level govt. school which is located in a slum area and where the students come from a dirt-poor background. 

Here the children are taught the concept of "balanced diet" and "nutrition" through textbooks but their down and out conditions makes the above mentioned terms a far fetched reality for them.

Every other day , I meet new students who cough up their health issues. Some suffer from extremely weak eyesight while others are a prey of obesity. Then there are a number of infections , weak immune system , lack of stamina due to malnourishment and what not! Every night , a new grieveous story blows my mind , haunts me a little more. 

The mid day meal scheme of govt. seems to have boost up the health profiles to an extent but what about the necessary dairy supplements that these underprivileged children are deprived off?

It is no brainer that a glass of milk consumed everyday , can turn the tables before those who can not afford it. It is the only rescue to the undernourished children that can fulfill their calcium needs and the much needed fat and protein supplies. Efficient conversion of food into energy can only be brought when there is a sufficient intake of milk. Also , the girls of age group 10-12 who are about to enter puberty explicitly need to promote bone mass , for which milk is inevitable.

I request the honourable health and education ministry of Delhi govt. to initiate the provision of one glass of milk to every child absolutely free of cost to every child in all govt. schools.

There is no point bleeding sorrow for these children. Rather , lets join our hands to support the dear students of India and let them know that the nation stands for them. Therefore I urge the youth , the adult and the old , the rich , the middle and the poor and all of you out there , to please sign my petition asking for the above mentioned cause.