Allow Gary's Kitchen to extend their lease for 5 years as per the original aggreement.

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John and his restaurant, Gary's Kitchen has been a staple of Tofino for years. Now he is facing eviction in two months. With Tofino's commercial rental market stretched to the max, it is unlikely he will be able to move locations, and he would much rather stay where he is anyways. 

Gary's Kitchen provides affordable, accessible and great Chinese food meals. There are rarely any waits or line ups and locals can rely on his great service when they need to fix their Chinese food craving.

Rather than extend the square footage of the government liquor store next door (which the landlord has the intention of doing), we should be supporting our locally owned and operated businesses. There is no need to add more capacity for alcohol sales for such a small community with two liquors stores already. What we do need is affordable, quick and reliable food service - which Gary's Kitchen provides. 

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