Making Gender Neutral Toilets Available at MAHE

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As there has been an increase in awareness around being LGBTQIA+ and acceptance among the students of Manipal, especially after the legalization of homosexuality in India in 2018, there have been more and more students coming out as being a part of the community. Whether it is Transgender or Nonbinary people, many who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community do not feel comfortable going to Male or Female bathrooms. While some might feel it better to go to the bathroom that matches their gender they identify with, some others feel the need for something in the middle. There are several people who do not identify as either male or female.

Therefore, I believe it is time to consider them and their problems and introduce Gender-Neutral toilets at MAHE. It would really help the students of the university who face this issue on a day to day basis, where just the simple act of going to the toilet might seem harrowingly difficult due to the way going to the wrong bathroom triggers them. 

Just think about it. If you are a female and are forced to go to a male bathroom just because you 'look' like a male, how would you feel? Uncomfortable? Shocked? Uneasy? That's how many Trans, Non-binary, Genderfluid and people identifying with other genders feel every day. It is really hard for them, it is already hard being a part of the community and living in India, let's help them out a little bit by making a change.