Criminally Prosecute Amy Cooper

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Amy Cooper’s false police report where she claims (on camera) in a 911 call to NYPD that she is being attacked “ a large African American male” is a crime. 

Under Section 240.50, of the NY State Criminal Code, a person is guilty if she, “Initiates or circulates a false report” of something that didn’t actually happen, or, “gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency…an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or incident which in fact is not about to occur.”

Based on her actions, and her stated intention to file a knowingly false police report she has met the standards of behavior articulated in 240.50.

In addition to representing the most intentional abuse of process, this practice of exercising White privilege—threatening false prosecution— is dangerous.

Police responding to such a charges have demonstrated the propensity for violence toward African American men. 

This practice has and will have predictable outcomes:

1) death of innocent African American males at the hands of responding police;

2) ensuing civil disturbances resulting in death, injury and destruction of property in Manhattan.

3) Targeted acts of anti-police violence by individuals who are frustrated by the unfairness of this situation.

The point of the 240.50 us to discourage wasteful abuse of process and to maintain the rule of law.

There is no justification for not prosecuting her.

Jesse Smolette was criminally prosecuted for his foolishness and Amy Cooper must be held accountable. As punishment, as a specific deterrent and as a general deterrent against such behavior in the future. 

Prosecute Amy Cooper now!!!