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Stop Manhattan Beach cell tower on 9th Pl and Valley Dr

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AT&T and the city of Manhattan Beach have plans to put cell towers in various residential areas, in close proximity to houses, i.e. your front yard!

The proposed project includes installing (2) 4' antennas on the existing utility pole; 2) Placing a 5' 3" above ground equipment cabinet on the side walk; and 3) Installing a below ground vault at the corner of 9th place and Valley Dr.

Reason:  Stop installing cell equipment on poles at 9th place and Valley:

1) Two poles at this location are in front of a residence.  The poles are very aesthetically displeasing to the eye containing massive wires and a conjunction box.  Adding more equipment will further obstruct the view of the green belt of the resident and other residents whose windows face the green belt.  Prior to a black out the first pole started sparking, a second pole was added with more equipment.  Aesthetically, from the street, both poles should have been removed. During power outages, these poles continue to have problems.   Not a good choice for a cell tower.

2) The corner is very small and the sidewalk is very narrow already.  Handicap accessible is questionable as there is also a street sign. This sidewalk is a main walkway for residents and other pedestrians to the downtown area. Installing a cabinet on the sideway will only impede pedestrian traffic.

3) According to several studies, cancer risk is 3-4xhigher among residents living within 100-300 meters of a cell antennae. Sound is also emitted from cooling fans.(

4) Who wants to buy a house next to a cell tower?   An unknown decline of property value is highly likely do to the perception of potential long term health risk and neighborhood blight.  Adding more equipment to the pole, will visually decrease the aesthetics to the existing properties in this location.


1) Stop the proposed Cell Tower on the corner of 9th place and Valley

2) Find another location that doesn't affect the neighborhood with negative views.

3) Review what other cities have done to have effective cell service from shared providers, in non visible cell towers to the public in non residential areas.

4)Open discussion with the city and residents about the placement of old and new cell towers including zoning restrictions and application process.  The discussion of SB649 and the implications to City and County control of over Cell Tower placement.

Who to Contact

Amy Howorth, MB City Council,(Mayor Pro Tem)

David Lesser, MB City Council (Mayor)

Steven Napolitano, MB City Council

Nancy Hersman, MB City Council

Richard Montgomery, MB City Council

Anne McIntosh, Director, Community Dev. Dept.

Jason Masters, Asst Planner,




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