Manhasset High School Should Change The Racist Mascot

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Even as a young child in the early 1990s attending Munsey Park Elementary school, I knew that the Manhasset High School mascot, the Indians, was immoral. I graduated from Manhasset High School in 2004, and thought that as some time passed, the mascot would change. It never happened.  Therefore, we all need to take initiative to ensure it is changed, once and for all.

During my 13 years of education in the Manhasset school district, I was taught to think critically and to honor and value diversity and inclusion. I was taught to have empathy towards oppressed peoples by the wonderful educators I was taught by during my academic career at Manhasset.  Simply put, having a mascot that appropriates indigenous peoples is incongruent with the values I was taught in the Manhasset Public Schools. 

To prove how wrong this mascot is, consider a mascot called the Blacks, the Jews, the Caucasians, the Asians, image and all?  If it sounds completely ridiculous and offensive, it is because it is.  There’s no way to justify the mascot as it is. It is especially offensive given that the school has little contact with indigenous populations, and a community of predominately and historically white people have appropriated the mascot. 

I am sure that this petition will be met with, “...but it’s tradition.”  Lots of things used to be considered moral, lawful, and legal in the United States, including lobotomy, segregation, texting and driving, smoking anywhere you pleased, the list goes on. However, as you can see from this list, societal norms shift and change. What was once acceptable, no longer is. The Indian mascot is no longer justifiable in 2020. 

Does having a mascot that is a racist trope offend you? It should. The time for change is now. The new mascot should be left to vote for the Manhasset community.  Please sign and share if you agree. 

Read more about the psychological harms of Indian mascots to indigenous populations from the American Psychological Association: