Support For Danielle Gallagher

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To Manhasset Parents, Alumni, Future Girls Lacrosse Players of Manhasset, and Other Supporters,

Appallingly, the Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach, Danielle Gallagher, was told by the Athletic Director, Jim Amen that “We are moving in a different direction”, and that her 13-year coaching tenure at Manhasset was finished. There were no other reasons given, as Mr. Amen indicated that ‘he didn’t have to, coaching is a season, to season contract”.

At this week’s Manhasset school board meeting, the Manhasset Girls Varsity Team was recognized for their incredible season, winning the Nassau County, Long Island and New York State Championships. Missing from this momentous acknowledgement was their leader and coach, Danielle Gallagher. 

At the meeting, parents and team players filled the room and spoke about Danielle’s passion for the sport, the amazing season that the girls had just finished, the importance of Danielle in the recruiting process, her leadership and willingness to be a part of the girls lives 365 days of the years, as opposed to just the season, her knowledge, her critical eye, her relationship with the girls – and so many other emotions and valued comments.

Questions evolved regarding – “How does the athletic director have this power, without consulting the school board”.  It was explained that in the past, the athletic director addresses his recommendations to the superintendent’s office, which is then reviewed and indicated on a personnel schedule that the board votes on every time it meets.  Regina Rule, the President of the Board, also indicated that the board cannot comment on personnel matters in an open forum, like the board meeting.  

The board assured that in a timely matter, they would accept letters, emails, and meetings with Dr. Butera, to establish some sort of understanding of the actions of Mr. Amen. 

Of the 40 years of history of girls lacrosse at Manhasset, Danielle has been a key component for 13 years.  That’s over 32% of the legacy of Manhasset Girls Lacrosse! After winning a State Championship – what other direction is there but down? 


We, the supporters of Danielle Gallagher, want Ms. Gallagher to remain the Girls Varsity Head Coach. She knows the heart of the Manhasset girls lacrosse community and has connected with our athletes in ways far beyond just lacrosse.
Ms. Gallagher is a remarkable coach. She has had a ton of success at MHS. She sets a great example of how a lacrosse program is supposed to be run and carries on the great tradition of Manhasset lacrosse.
Danielle Gallagher departures would be a huge mistake for the high school and the community. 

Ms. Gallagher has helped hundreds of Manhasset girls in her time here at MHS. She now needs our help!

Please sign our petition immediately and forward to your Manhasset friends.

Thanks for your support for Danielle Gallagher!