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The extraordinary fare hike in Delhi Metro has adversely affected the students by burning a hole in their pockets. The students do not constitute the earning class and squarely depends on their parents for sustenance and hence could not fend for themselves. Due to steep fare hike they are not able to travel through metro and this lifeline of Delhi is drifting away from the reach of students. Existing Delhi roads infrastructure is proving scant to withstand the ever burgeoning vehicular moments and traveling with bus amidst exasperating Delhi's traffic is only possible at the cost of time. Since Time is quintessential for every student, but due to steeply hiked metro fares,students will now have to reluctantly switch to conventional mode - DTC buses and on an average it takes them twice to reach their respective College which would not only undone their daily routine but also our nation's future assets. Again,girls are also affecting miserably can be seen in wince as it has become challenging for them to trudge up the cramped buses only through wriggling movement. Metro is for the convenience of people, not for getting and extracting unwanted profits and should not in any manner attain the hue of mercinary character.
Traveling with metro,not only take half the time taken by buses but also maintain freshness,which is very important for a student(as one can only concentrate and study with fresh mind).

So we demand STUDENT METRO PASS on concise rates



(student law Faculty-DU)

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