Mangalore Pub Attack! - Fight against immoral policing!

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We citizens are extremely disappointed by the wholesale acquittal of all the accused in the infamous "Amnesia Pub Attack" that occurred in Mangalore in 2009.

The Amnesia Pub Attack had made international headlines in print and electronic media and the world had seen gruesome footage of the attack on young men and women. Furthermore, newspapers also carried the same photographs of the goons beating up the victims. This attack also marked the onset of "immoral policing" in Mangalore which has destroyed the foundations of civic freedoms in this region and allowed criminal culture to flourish and terrorize citizens in general, with political backing.

It is distressing to note that despite such strong video, photographic evidence and a trial lasting nearly a decade, the prosecution failed to bring the guilty to justice. The outcome of the trial shook us as we were expecting stringent punishment for the guilty as per law.

We demand that the state government take measures to prove the guilt of the accused and ensure deterrent punishment for them. By signing the petition you not only help in reopening the investigation but also become the voice of the innocent victims of this heinous crime.
In this hour of need, you can be the change.