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Ban arbitrary discrimination by housing societies in Indian cities

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The Problem

Young working class is the backbone of any progressing nation. However; in India they are the most ill-treated when it comes to finding a place to stay in a new city where they go to find work.

I am married to an aspiring vocalist who has moved to Mumbai to find and pursue a career in music, where as of now I continue to stay in Bangalore. Surprisingly, more than the Mumbai prices, it was the harassment and torture we received at the hands of housing societies that left us helpless.

Even if the owner of a flat is fine with giving us a house, the housing societies overrule a tenant because he/she is going to live single (I continue to stay in Bangalore as of now). My wife cannot share her apartment with 2 girls to share the rent, because single girls call male friends to their house. And why is that a problem? Because if they do so, they must be prostitutes. If you are not from a regressive family, housing societies ruled by archaic mindsets are more than willing, even too eager to perform the kind act of giving character certificates to your wife for you!

Are you a single male? Please stay away because you must be a known trouble maker. How is that? Because we said so.

Are you trying to find work? So, you are a struggler? Stay away, because you will commit suicide.

And of course, the discrimination against communities and religions.

These lowly, harassing and offensive remarks and discriminating acts are made nonchalantly and openly by the people running the housing societies. Please note these are the cases where the house owner/landlord is OK with you occupying their property.

The Aim

Through this petition, I want to represent and get help for thousands and thousands of young people that face this treatment, just like we did and continue to do so, and get the required change in the system that helps them exercise what is only their fundamental right.

I was advised by lawyers to file a writ petition to high court to drag a particular housing society to high court; but I don't want to stick to solve one individual's problem (see this Q&A page for details where I got this advice from a lawyer: ) but ensure that a fair and just social setup exists for everyone, and there is no need to file individual writ petitions.

The Solution

Since housing societies come under State under article 12 of the Constitution of India, and these acts prevent exercising the fundamental constitutional right of having an equal opportunity, we ask the decision makers of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and also those of Ministry of Women and Child Development to ban housing societies from discriminating people based on age, gender, caste or any such factors and restrict them to at most at requesting and accepting police verification only.

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