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Hang the child rapist

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How would you describe a 10 year old? A carefree kid who loves playing with friends, running around, playing dress up & so on? But not every child is fortunate enough. A 10 year old child was deprived - deprived of this freedom - deprived of her childhood. This cruel world snatched away from her the joys of childhood. 'Rape', a word she cannot comprehend, will now define her life. The poor child was dragged, abused and will now face a lifetime worth of torment and hurt.

What happened? Was she provocative in any way? Did the way she dress elicit an inappropriate reaction? Did she attract any unwanted attention because of her actions? No. None of the above. This 10 year old child who should be playing with dolls is now saddled with a child of her own. Can she even comprehend what it means and entails? Innocence lost to the banal and barbarous act of a depraved man. She is a kid, yet now she carries the child of the perpetrator.

What now? Can the actions be reversed? Can we go back in time & help? NO. But can we prevent it from happening again in the future? YES

Deliver fast track justice and close the case within 3 months. Hang the rapist. Death sentence and nothing less for this man who has caused permanent scarring to a child's life. Join us in this cause and let justice be served!!!

#hangtherapist #PoornViraam #RiseAgainstRape

Poorn Viraam apologises for editing this petition. According to Section 228A, revealing the name of the rapist will indirectly reveal the identity of the child (victim) and we cannot do that. We were advised by legal counsel against asking for revealing the rapists' identity.

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