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Women Safety - High Time !!!!Stop Crime against Woman

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Women constitute 48.17% of the population in our country (Census 2015).Violence among women been a predominant topic.Being a woman, I feel insecure to step out of the home even in the home I still feel the same.I feel insecure to board the bus, a cab or an auto.The only fault is we are "Women".The recent incidents of rape of 19 old mothers and murder of 8-month-old had given me a shock wave and a distressed mind.After formation of Justice Verma Committee to amend the Criminal Law for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault against women.We woman thought of big change had lots of hope, which failed again.

Crime against women is becoming brutal day by day.There is no end to such crimes.Despite many petitions signed for capital punishment, it has been unheard.We want to live a fearless life, why just being the woman we have to think twice to step out of home or walk alone in street.we still deprived of independence due to fear of being molested, raped or killed?We want law enforcement agency to come up with the capital punishment of rape, the imposition of severe punishment for any kind of molestation.

High time to look into the matter, because crime gainst women is not just a number in crime record.It's a sign of clear indication deteriorating values of women life, we women are also a citizen of this country have full right to leave freely and fearlessly.

Few Suggestions I would like to add on

# If in the case of any urgency, Woman needs to go out in odd time she can call upon local police for safe transit.

# Strict Vigilance of Migrant Labour through reporting in the police station with registration within a week of reaching.Then only they will get rented accommodation & temporary job.Heavy penalty on employer / Landlord accompanies them without a background check.

#Complaint should be rewarded, Any public or eyewitness informing about molestation or such incident should be rewarded.This help public to come forward and support openly.

# Capital Punishment for Rapist with speedy trial, The person committing such crime should be fearful of the end result, not the victim

 Enough of suffering, enough of shame ..We want life without fear

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