Who is responsible for taking care of abandoned wives and children?

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I am a single parent. My Husband abandoned my daughter and me when she was born just because she was a girl. He never looked back and doesn’t even care whether we’re dead or alive.

I was emotionally and mentally broken. But my first need was to take care of my new born daughter's care and financial support. At that time I was a non-working housewife and I had no source of income.

I went to the Court of Justice with the hope of getting some financial support for my daughter from her father. But nothing happened and I was left to fend for my daughter by myself.

With the support of my family, I was able to get financially independent and I am now able to support my family. Not all single mothers are so lucky. They face immense difficulty and hardships because they and their children have been totally abandoned.

The Government has made laws to help single women and their children. But the law only provides relief when the father is present and available in court. More often than not, fathers disappear, they go into hiding in order to avoid paying maintenance for their children.

A single woman can support herself, a mother can support her children when the father is at least physically present, but the law is unable to help mothers who have been abandoned by their husbands. Children are suffering because their fathers have gone into hiding.

I want to request the honourable Minister for Women and Child Welfare to mandate guidelines as to who is responsible for taking care of these abandoned women and their children.