Preventive Measures For Children Affected in Kerala Flood 2018

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This is a request to government to take preventive measures. 

Severe flooding affected Kerala state in India due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. Kerala's worst floods in nearly a century, over 330 people died while at least 661,000 were displaced and all 14 districts of the state, were placed on high alert.

While the devastating floods in Kerala wiped hundreds of lives, there may be a possibility that few children may be separated from their parents.

Just for the preventive measure 

I wish to ask for an immediate plan from government for

  • Figuring out how many children are missing in the entire state of Kerala, if any. 
  • Direct the relief camps to take an account of the number of missing children when parents approaches them while seeking for their children, if any
  • Direct the relief camps to take an account of the number of children approaching them and are not accompanied by a parent, if any 
  • There should be due diligence and verification of people working with "children" in relief camps or shelters post kerala flood  

 I request all of you to sign and share this petition at the earliest so the help can reach to those who are in the need.