Stop RWAs from banning dogs in public spaces

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Dog parents cannot be disallowed by RWA from taking their dogs to a society park

Law abiding, peaceful members of the society, those who contribute to maintenance of the society to the RWA, are being harassed daily only because of being PET PARENTS.

While the Government of India's "Animal Welfare Board Of India" states in all of it's circulars that the RWA cannot ban the entry of dogs in public spaces (parks/lifts), I, Nayani Tandon, and my family, a resident of Janakpuri, New Delhi are being treated as outcasts daily, and our dogs are being banned from our neighbourhood park. Today without any notice circulation, a biased decision was taken and all parks were LOCKED and a notice board was put outside saying "Parks will remain open from 10 AM to 8 PM ; please do not bring your dogs inside the park".

I want to contest this decision publicly. How is the RWA taking decisions in their own hand, and how are they banning dogs inside parks, when the government has CLEAR RULES that the RWA CANNOT DO SO? 

We live on the first floor and we take our dogs on a leash to a gated 200 sq ft park which is just 25 m from our house gate. We pick up their faeces. We pick timings to take the dogs for a walk when none of the residents are around, that is 7 AM and 10 PM. We are following all rules, must we be treated this way? Do our pets, our members of the family, not have access to public spaces as much as we do?

Almost every dog parent faces the same level of harassment, but its now time to stand up against this injustice and discrimination.

I would like to please get a petition signed by all dog parents and dog lovers, and stand up for our rights. Please help us find a voice.

If you're a dog parent who's faced similar injustice, PLEASE COMMENT below.