Stop rape against women!!!!!!! This is not acceptable,culprits should be punished severely

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Hello everyone. Today I have started a petition to save the women who is a victim of the sexual assault and rape.                           Friends you all know that the rapes are being increasing day by day to a huge number.this is not acceptable and this should be eradicated from the society immediately.because we all know that how women are suffering a lot ,and there is no proper justice to the victims and you all know that the culprits are being saved by the higher officials who are working  in the government sector,so this should be stopped immediately. And you all are aware about that even small girl child is also being raped this the society we are wanted to live in???We all have mothers and sisters,our mother is also a women,so we have to question this seriously and have to consider the safety of the women .And we all know that Nirbhaya case ,this girl have been raped severely times and then later she died.after this Nirbhaya act has also been implemented in the country but there is no change till now.there is no proper justice and the accused should be punished infront of public severely then only this will come to an end.the law should be implemented strictly and also protecting women is the responsibility of each and every citizen. So I request everyone to sign this petition until it reaches to minister for women and child development Maneka sanjay gandhi.                                             Thank you.