Punish the murderers of pregnant elephant in Malappuram Kerala

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Some locals of Malappuram, Kerala ruthlessly murdered a pregnant elephant who had roamed into the village in search of food by feeding her a pineapple stuffed with crackers which burst inside her. She ran like crazy for the last few minutes of her life but even then didn’t trample anyone, in the end she went and stood in the river just staring until she died, like that - standing. I feel like it was her final stand, she looked at the world, at us, and demanded justice. Let’s give her justice. Let’s demand that those inhuman miscreants be found, convicted, and punished in the most severe form allowed by Indian law for this kind of animal cruelty. 

This is not an isolated event. Malappuram is well known for its criminal activities towards animals. Even as we speak, a young elephant in Koodalmanikyam Temple in the town of Irinjalakuda, Trichud is being beaten with its four legs stretched and tied up in four directions. Animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi has called the Forest and Wildlife Department of Kerala but nothing was done. Can we show them that there is power in numbers please? Let us sign the petition and let our collective voice be heard by the authority so they finally take heed and do something.

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