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Public Name & Shame of Rapist

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In Indian scenario, respect for women by men and Respect of Men by Women has to come to a equal platform. Either of the genders have to stop using the laws to their advantage. 

The Law in India is anarchic and does not bring forth the fear after the crime / act of in-humanity towards outraging the respect for a woman, who could be our mother and sisters, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, et all - from a 1 years old child to a 80 years old woman. This category will not have a defense mechanism which comes to support as such for a rescue. Most women abused, do not posses the level of literacy which can allow them to face such social harshness arising from such in-human acts. No marshal arts, no knowledge, no literacy can help these victims can help these women. The only thing we need to deal with is the MAN's pschy and instill the fear factor. While there are awareness programs by the government, we see no improvement. Last 70 years, although the women have become more empowered and developed as a section of the society in India, the Rapes have not gone down. Infact more heinous incidents of rape have come to the fore. The percentages and ratios have increased many folds.

The women empowerment has nothing to do with the reduction of such cases. Covered Woman or Not, incidents still happen and RAPE has been on the increase. The law has to take a more pragmatic approach towards dealing with RAPES as it appears that the current legal system has FAILED drastically to check on RAPES and instill fear in the RAPISTS. if none the less Public Lashing is way forward. AND COURTS SHOULD start the way for it by PUBLIC NAMING AND SHAMING of the RAPIST. The Victim & the family responsible should be given the right to decide the Quantum of Punishment as only the RAPE survivor will know the pain. 

Will you help the rape victims by changing the law and making it in line with the pain caused to the Rape Survivor. 

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