provide safety to women, who feed their baby.

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Dear people,

It is essential for every country citizen in safeguarding women. I have seen something that is not tolerable and shameful. I am talking about women who have newborn baby and mother had to feed them. No doubt we have feeding centre in Airport, but we lack in something, and that is having feeding centre in Railway Station, and Another public place ( bus stand, metro) and there are few of those who don't respect women and have a dirty mind. They are the worst person who stands in one place and steers at the women and sometimes even click picture which is terrible. India has uneducated women, and many of them don't know about this. We must care for every woman. I know it's weird when a man is talking about this.  The truth is this, and we must do something.  No Doubt in few railway division about five stations have the feeding centre coming up in future, but that's not enough. The feeding centre should be in every station and public place.  That's not the end, and women in sleeper train face the same problems as we know it's is crowded, women feeding their baby have tried best to protect herself, but in some or another way they fail to do so. In Ac Coach, we have a curtain which helps women in safeguarding them and a black window, but all these facilities are not available in sleeper train.

Few politicians did morcha but were only for their city. As an Indian, I think we must not only focus one city or state but take every state together, and that's why I would like you to sign and help the women in protecting them and from getting socialised. The video attached is not of Indian women but then it happens and we must care for other country or mother also.


The solution for having baby feeding room in the train is to have one part of sleeper coach developed in a room like First Ac and change the open window into a covered window. THis should be only made for the purpose of feeding.