Mother and Father should have equal rights in deciding caste of their children.

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Hi everyone,

In our country, men and women are treating equal for an extent, I appreciate for that change in our country. But so far there was this problem where most of us remained unnoticed "In an inter-caste marriage child will get the caste of his father only, If one has to get the mother's caste, they need to win the case in court and so much legal issues follows". If there is a rule for making one of child's parent's caste as the child's caste, THE PEOPLE'S MINDSET WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE, THEY WONT COMPEL THEIR DAUGHTERS NOT TO MARRY FROM OTHER CASTE.

May be in someway, we can avoid honor killings also which had happened few years back as in the case of Kausalya and Sankar in tamil nadu.

If we say, caste is only for reservation, why can't we do this for our country.