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Meditation and Yoga should be part of school curriculum to empower society with positivity

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In today's fast growing world, the utmost importance is mind!! It's always mind over matter. Child health and women health is important for well being of the society. Women being the catalyst to improve and children being the future of the society.

Most diseases in today's world are cause of mental illness: Anger, irritation, tension,stress,feeling of rejection,fear, greed and comparison,dis-satisfaction. Even this generation children are not devoid of such emotional disturbances.If we have a way to heal these mental illnesses then our society can heal as whole!!

When we are at ease we are at peace. When we are in dis-ease then there is peace-less-ness.Lets empower women and children by making them aware of the mental health as they are the backbones of our society.

Women has to face the most odd situations and deal with various new people which is the stimulus for their stress. Women has to leave their comfort zone behind and enter a new family and meet and stay with new people. Adjustment are more imposed on women sector of the society. Women are the main care-takers for their family and children if they are distracted and in stress then it puts a huge impact on the development of their family and children.

Woman go under depression at various phases of her life when fast changing society wants her to be perfect..common examples like post-maternity depression; depression from trying to maintain family n work life balance..depression to prove themselves in each and every arena of life...equality issues..harassment,molestation and adultery have now become very common issues which easily stimulates mental trauma and illness.. It's high time that they get counselling to cope with the changing environment!! So that motivation becomes self stimulated rather than hunting for support from outside!! Lets empower the society by empowering today's kids and women to come out of the victimize feeling and become master of any adverse situation.

We have imposed several laws for child and women abuses but we still lack in providing them strength to face the world after any such trauma!!

Why not the mind become so free and fearless that whatever be the situation outside it will be able to deal with it positively??

This is possible only through proper mind training through Meditation and Yoga!!

If we can empower our women and children with a positive and stronger mind our society will be healed from the root.

We all have seen in our real lives that son or daughter of a strong mother grows into a more positive and mentally healthy human being and capable of handling tough situations of life !!

Let's introduce free Yoga and meditation classes in school curriculum along with free counselling by experts for women who are facing depression at various stages of their life and show them the path of healing process through meditation and yoga so that when they are mentally relaxed and at ease there is peace in the society around them!! 

Because when ' we change world changes' !!!

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