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Make Midwives a Recognized and Essential Profession

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The pregnant women in this country have no recourse to expert advise and counselling except from doctors or nurses. The doctors not only charge hefty fees but also have very little time to devote to counselling. Further they also treat pregnancy as a condition by virtue of their medical education. The advice that come from nurses, family, friends and others are not very reliable as they do not have the specialized education and/or exposure in assisting pregnant women. Thus pregnant women suffer greatly without the right information, encouragement or support. Pregnancy for the woman has become a big ordeal.

Midwives fill an important niche in the wellness sector by offering wholesome support and assistance to pregnant women and showing them the correct way to manage their pregnancy and childbirth. As such midwife training is specialized and they learn more from being with a large number of pregnant women and assisting several childbirths right from their internship.

Today Midwifery is treated as part of nursing profession. This has made it irrelevant and hence it is impossible for the common woman to obtain help from a qualified midwife. This needs to be changed. The Government must allocate separate funds to train midwives across the country and they must be available in all Primary Healthcare Centers.

With several million women pregnant in the country at any given time, hundreds of thousands of midwifes would be gainfully employed. The Government must formulate a basic training program and internship at its Primary Healthcare Centers all over the country and encourage young girls especially in the rural areas to become midwives. The ancient midwife culture in our country must be revived with all the added benefits of modern healthcare. This will not only reduce child mortality and risks to the child bearing women but also immediately open up a viable profession for hundreds of thousands of young girls from rural areas.

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