India with zero child labour

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Child in labour condition are there due to extreme long term deprivation, lack of systemic support, inequalities to access resources, neglect and abusive conditions from care givers and duty bearers. 

India has highest number of children in child labour condition. The unorganized sector they mainly get employed in contributes to nearly 40% of India's GDP. There is a fare amount of contribution by the children here. While their share in annual national budget is very limited. 

There are provisions by Ma'am Maneka Gandhi's ministry to address to their abuse and neglect through erstwhile ICPS scheme which is proposed to be integrated to ICDS scheme (one of the largest schemes of GOI). The scheme had following provisions:

1. Identification & Mapping of vulnerable families

2. Per child financial support for these severely deprived families

3. Regular monitoring of their condition through Social worker, councilors, Child welfare officers, CWCs, others

4. Establishment of open shelter with facilities of education, health, nutrition, etc. for vulnerable children within their communities for easy access by them

  Each abused vulnerable child reflects failed citizenship .... and further is a threat to the society. In other words we are all under threat. This can change with timely intervention by the concerned ministry.