Government should decide affordable fees for private mbbs colleges in India.

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Every child has the right to dream of what he/she wants to be in his life. But what it comes to the dream of becoming a mbbs doctor in our country is a different case. Private mbbs college fees has raised upto 12 to15 lakhs per annum and for 5 years it is about 65 to 80 lakhs. which is surely a big task for middle class and the below the poverty one. More than 70% people in our country are not in a condition to afford such a giant fee structure.

We need an affordable fee structure for private medical mbbs/dental colleges. State government or central government should decide fee structure about 2 to 5 lakhs per annum.

Having a good doctor is good for the country and its people. Giving good doctors to people is our governments duty. Aspirants good in academics are not able to get admission in mbbs because of the fee strucure of private mbbs college. Only the rich people are getting admission irrespective of the their academic performance. please  sign this petition and help lakhs of medical aspirants like me to fullfill their dream of  becoming doctor.