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Give us back our pavements!!

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The number of hawkers are increasing day by day in mumbai city. There is no place left for padestrians to walk on the pavements and therefore have to use the streets. As a result there is a traffic jam.

These hawkers are not supposed to be on the pavements. There are many school children and old people also walking on the streets, which is very unsafe and many are risking their lives due to this. Besides the shop keepers pay huge rents and these hawkers ruin their business, as they sell goods at a cheaper price as they don't have to pay any taxes or rent..

This must stop and these hawkers if have to be still allowed must be have dedicated places and not be allowed all over the city. Special market places can be built for them..

i request all those who read this to sign it, if they agree that the pavements belong to pedestrians. Lets give it back to them!!

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