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Equal Treatment For Pet Parents

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Maneka Ma'am,

We pet parents would like to bring this to your notice that we are being continously harassed by our neighbours, landlords and mostly all animal-haters. There were many occasions and videos of pet parents being threatened and harassed for walking a dog or feeding an animal. 

This kind of mistreatment of animal-lovers has become very apprehensive for survival. Some of the gated communities and apartments illegally threaten us to vacate our houses by circulating "pets not allowed" notices. A lot of fight back and resist to it as the law allows us to keep our pets and feed stray animals. This resistance has resulted in animal-lovers getting abused by the haters. 

It has reached to a point where animal-lovers and pet parents have been socially boycotted by the rest. We are not allowed in the community parks, restaurants, malls and other public gatherings. It has become a nightmare to find a house that allows pets. We are treated like second class citizens even after paying the tax and other bills just like anyone else. 

Recently there was a case in bangalore, a girl was threatened of physical harm by the neighbours for keeping pets in her own house. Another case in hyderabad, a mother and daughter duo physically abused by neighbour for feeding a dog. These are just 1% of the cases. 99% of them go unreported. Landlords rip our pockets by quoting us sky rocketing rent even if the house is kept clean and tidy. 

Pets are nothing less than children. Pets are our family. Many pet parents are forced to abandon their pets on streets because of this ill-treatment. In turn, these pets start attacking pedestrians and all stray dogs get generalised as biting dogs. 

We animal-lovers and pet-parents humbly urge you to solve this issue. Most people have been sending circulars and news reports that says pets are not allowed in the community. Even the stray dogs who have been living in a particular place are illegally thrown out of community gates and tech parks. Please urgently address this issue.


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