CASTRATION for Sex Offenders!

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Rape against women has been rising at a drastic rate in India. I have friends who are Indians and are living outside India. They feel ashamed of calling themselves Indians because the people there call our country "The Land of Rapists". They make lewd comments like "Isn't that the country where all women get raped? Hahaha". So much so, that my friend's younger siblings get bullied at school for belonging to a "Country of Rapists''. This is the general perception of the people outside(You would surely know better). For the lawmakers this maybe irrelevant, neglecting it as a rare case, but no, it's a very serious issue, especially when we want to be a global power!

Through this platform, I would like to urge all of you, my fellow citizens, to support me in the fight to bring in a strict law for rape against women. My suggestion is CASTRATION. Yes you heard that right! This would be the biggest and the strictest form of punishment for a so called 'Man' to lose his so-called 'Manliness'. Anyone who would even think of attempting such heinous crime would think not twice, thrice, not thrice but a 100 times. Fair enough? Fair enough. I know it would be difficult to bring in such laws because our system is itself at fault and corrupt. But with this government in place, I see a fair chance.

But, if by chance, mark my words, by chance, this government decides to bring in such law, there should be a fair punishment for women who Misuse such laws for their selfish motives. It should be made sure that there is no Misuse of such laws as it's impact is serious.

Finally I would just like to say, think about how many smiles you would bring in the faces of those aggrieved women, their families, and overall the society as a whole.

With this, I would like to urge you, the citizens of this great country to take a thought towards this idea and support me in this cause towards a better society.

Thank You.