Can we really 'bachao' our betis in India !??

Can we really 'bachao' our betis in India !??

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Raising this petition to convey the concern and agony which I am experiencing as an India citizen and specifically as a woman living in India. Our country which we speak about a rich and varied cultural heritage seem to be lacking basic humanity and respect towards women and young girl children.  While so much of propaganda seems to be happening around the 'Beti Bachao' program,  what really seems to be happening is our Betis crying out loud “Bachao, Bachao" Shamefully,  this is the current scenario of our country.. 

Just in the past one week there has been around five cases of rape in India, specifically around Haryana.. What's worse..  The poor 10th standard girl was returning from her Tuition classes and was brutally gang-raped and worse thing she died due to some tools inserted into her.. Whats wrong with the men of our country!! The sick men seem to have developed some fascination of using this method everytime there is a rape post the Nirbhaya incident in Delhi.. Now Inspite of all the furore the Nirbhaya case brought-about,  what change did it really bring in our country to protect women and children?!! The Criminal Law (Amendment Act) 2013 got passed but did it really bring significant changes to rape situations?!!

Punishment for Rape in our country is still not death penalty for rapists by default. After the Anti Rape Bill of April 2013, culprits are liable to life imprisonment (which is actually 14 years), imprisonment for entire life and even the death sentence in the rarest of rare cases. The amendment also expanded to include a lot of other kinds of sexual assault that amount to rape. Now is this good enough for India.. Answer is clear 'NO'. 

Rape is definitely the most offensive crime a human can commit. The impact is horrific as it inflicts indelible physical, emotional and mental wounds on the victim. But what about the culprit? What should be done to the devil who shatters the soul of the victim? We definitely need to implement some of the these most brutal rape punishments executed by different countries around the world like China -  China has the law of punishing the rapist straight away with a death sentence and in some scenarios, rapists are also punished by the mutilation of their genitals. Afghanistan -  Justice is given to the victim in Afghanistan in just four days by shooting the rapist in the head. Iran - In Iran, the rapist is hanged at public places so that people may become aware of the consequence of this heinous crime. Saudi Arabia -  If a person is convicted of rape, then he is executed in public within days of the trial. 

Now unless such punishments are not passed,  our country would still be in a mess. Few years of punishment will not stop these repeated crimes happening to someone's daughter or sister or wife. The ruthlessness seems to be increasing day by day. As citizens or India,  do we all want to just be quiet and see this happening to the women and children around us??!! Today it might not happen to someone in our family,  in our neighborhood or among our acquaintances. Does that mean we shall keep quiet and watch till it happens to someone we know!!?? 

Dear fellow citizens,  please support me to raise our voice to our Judicial system to help women and child welfare by bringing in some kind of Capital punishment for these criminals.. Together,  let's take out effort to spread the need to stop letting people live free.. Thanks in advance for all your support and let's is actually "Bachao our betis“ and give them a safer India to live in.