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Bring All Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes under Government Regulation

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Bring All Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes under Government Regulation

First of all let me take you through the horrific incidence what our family had gone through. I have lost my new born baby in one of the private hospital at my hometown Khamgaon, Dist: Buldhana, Maharashtra on Oct 28, 2016 morning. My wife was having Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). When my wife was in labour room, Gynecologist went to attached hospital to attend another patient and kept my wife on MBBS DOMS mercy who is his wife. Pediatrician doctor was also not present in the labour room at the time of delivery. Due to PIH, my wife’ blood pressure shoot up and that’s where MBBS DOMS asked her assistant to call Gynecologist for further guidance. He explained some treatment over the phone and put down the phone. After returning from attached hospital, Gynecologist didn’t even bother to check labour room’ situation, but got busy in his OPD. MBBS DOMS didn’t check labour notes and Fetus heart beats for almost an hour. When baby came out, it was not responding, then MBBS DOMS asked nurse to call Gynecologist from OPD as she was not able to handle the situation. Gynecologist came from OPD in few minutes and after seeing the Baby’ condition he literally shouted at MBBS DOMS (his wife) that “why you have not called me when the baby was coming out?”. He was frightened and tried resuscitation, but it was too late. My wife was watching the whole episode helplessly :-( :-( :-(. Labour room didn’t even had emergency medicine (injection required to speed up the fetus heart beat (adrenalince) for which nurse ran out of the labour room and took it from chemist shop, also proper hygiene was not maintained inside labour room (tray was discolored and cloths were not sterilized). After they got to know that the baby is dead, they took around 30-45 minutes and called me and my relatives in Gynecologist’ cabin to inform us that our baby is no more. Pediatrician was leading the discussion who was not at all present in hospital at the time of delivery, arrived after child death and was trying to cover up so nicely that the whole team tried their best to save the child, but no success. There are three different fetus birth timing mentioned on admit card, discharge card and pediatrician statement who was not even present in the labour room at the time of delivery. Pardon me for my medical know-how but, as per my knowledge if the Doctor doesn’t perform required resuscitation within 60 seconds then it’s too late to save the new born child. What can the Pediatrician do after half an hour of child death? After child’s death, MBBS DOMS came to my wife and said, it’s not new for us, such sudden child death during delivery are common incidences for us and it keeps happening so you are not the only person with whom this has happened, can we imagine what kind of counselling it is and how many such child deaths have happened in this hospital? One of their staff was asking if they can dispose the body by calling their known persons. Gynecologist reported my child' death record to Municipal Council on November 30th, 2016 (33 days after the child death), was it done purposely? What was running in his mind? There might be a possibility that many such deaths might not have reported.

Doctor didn’t explain any possible risk properly at the time of admission and before the delivery. Nurse took our signatures on blank consent form in a good faith. I had requested for admission file and cause of death of my new born baby, but Gynecologist tried to convince me that discharge card is nothing but the admission file (where cause of death was also not mentioned) and refused to give additional documents. When I asked him why you were not present at the time of delivery and not guided us properly, in response he said that he got VIP syndrome after seeing me and couldn’t able to speak anything on risk part. If such Doctors are not able to provide required counselling and not able to handle the patients properly then how many child death might have happened in his hospital till date? He has deliberately forged the information after I have requested for the admission file through Maharashtra State Family Welfare department. It is clearly visible that he has written the risk details and consent part to safeguard himself after we escalated the matter and asked for the cause of child death. I didn’t have any choice other than approaching Medical Council of India (MCI), Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), Family Welfare Department of Maharashtra, District Civil Surgeon and District Health Office (DHO). MCI sent a letter to MMC and asked them to take the immediate action against the concerned Doctor as per violation of Indian Medical Council regulation (Professional Conduct Etiquettes and Ethics).  After receiving the medical record from concerned doctor, I have again raised concern to MCI, MMC and requested to appoint high level committee (National Level) for Child Death Review. Both MCI and MMC asked me to file a complaint in their prescribed format. In the month of July 2017, MMC shared Gynecologist’ response without even checking the kind of response it was given against raised concerns, It’s been more than 10 months now, required investigation process is going very slow and there is no clarity, assurance, follow-up updates and what not either from MMC or MCI. I met Additional Director of Family Welfare Department of Maharashtra on Aug 22, 2017 and learnt that both Government of India and Government of Maharashtra has limitations to take strong action against private doctors in case of such carelessness. That’s where I thought of filing online petition on, because not everyone is in a position or afford to take legal root by filing a complaint or legal suit in court to get the justice. If government has direct control on private clinic/hospitals then I am sure it can be very well regulated and monitored locally by Medical Superintendents/Civil Surgeons directly. Looking at the above many such child death cases might not be getting reported to government authorities and hence I am not sure how much we should believe on prepared mortality reports and its success.

I would only like to reiterate that our both Central Government and all State Governments are working hard to improve the maternal mortality rate, Our prime minister has recently announced compensation for getting the proper treatment and nutritious food to pregnant ladies, West Bengal passes stringent bill against medical negligence in private hospitals on March 02, 2017, can this not be possible in all other states as well? I think it’s a high time now, government should stop such doctors with immediate effect and pass bill to regulate functioning of private health facilities. This will help to bring the transparency, ending harassment of patients and checking medical negligence in private hospitals and nursing homes.   I know, I have lost my baby due to carelessness of this doctor as he failed to perform his duty in a timely manner, I and my wife are not able to sleep properly since last 10 months, but with your support we can at least minimize such terrible incidences to future parents if government implements stringent bill (including one doctor should not be allowed to visit other hospitals as because other admitted patient’ life can be at risk during his/her absence) against medical negligence in private hospitals and nursing homes.

Kindly support and sign the petition for the better CHANGE.

Thank you,

Nitinkumar Gaikwad


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