Appeal for ‘Period Sensitized’ Schools, Colleges, Universities and Workplaces

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Although ‘we’- the civilians of 21st century are now familiar with the concept of ‘menstrual leave’ and two organizations of our country are now endorsing it so far. But, still there is argument about scope of misusing ‘menstrual leave’, as there is no objective measure of menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated, with their varying severity among women. Menstruating women of all ages often face many menstrual conditions that should be taken care of. And these conditions (cramps, heavy flow etc.) accompanying with the social stigma (stain-shaming) hinder women-empowerment in our country.

My cousin suffers from heavy menstrual cramps ever since she has reached her menarche. She always avoided school, college during the first and second days of her period. Now she is a university student and every month she is missing the classes on menstrual days, for which it is becoming quite difficult for her to understand topics that she missed. What if my cousin gets a bag/bottle of hot water while attending classes on her period? She then would not have to take days off for her heavy cramping.

During menstruation it’s very strenuous to sit at a time-stretch in the same position. Thus, every school, college, university and workplace should have rest-rooms to relax or doing some exercises for cramp-relief. Although there are activism happening, but all schools, colleges, universities and workplaces must have sanitary napkin vending machines in order to make it period-sensitized.

All of the above remedies will fail to make a place for period-sensitized society with lack of menstrual awareness and empathy. Stain-shaming or other menstrual bullies should be stopped and to combat it menstrual awareness will be the best policy at all levels. School counselors and OB psychologists should be well-equipped to provide one-to-one/group menstrual counseling (although teachers and activists can play a large role).