Improve your electricity supply and help the wild birds of the Fens at the same time!

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Fenland is a truly beautiful place in which to live - we all agree.  One of the privileges, which we all enjoy (and to some extent take for granted) is the wide variety of wild birds who choose to either share the Fens with us or migrate here for the winter. Something, which they have done for many generations and will hopefully continue to do so for generations to come. Large, flocks of Whooper Swans feeding in the fields or flying overhead, Kestrels hovering above the dykes, Barn Owls sitting nonchalantly on fence posts as we drive past - sights, which people in other parts of the country do not get the opportunity to witness and which we see on a daily basis.

However, these beautiful cohabitees of ours are threatened by something as fundamental as our power supply because for us to receive our electricity, their lives are constantly at risk. Our Fenland birds are being killed in large numbers - unnoticed, as we are simply not aware.  Every time you experience an 'instant' loss of electrical power and the TV or computer suddenly switches off and back on again, or your house alarm is suddenly triggered for no apparent reason - it probably means that a bird has been killed in Manea or nearby.  Birds who feed on the fields, of just live as our neighbours, innocently fly into the power cables and are electrocuted, which causes a momentary cutting out of our electricity supply.

UK Power is aware of what's happening (many local people are keeping logs, which they forward to UK Power on a regular basis) and is 'seeking ways in which to improve the situation' but we would like things to happen sooner, rather than later i.e. before even more of our Fenland birdlife lose their lives and to save us the regular stress of losing our power supply.  Of course it will cost money - it's inevitable - but simple measures can be put in place to visually divert the birds from the electricity cables and, ultimately, the cables can be insulated, which solves the problems once and for all - for us and the birds!! 

If you care about wildlife and / or are fed up with regularly experiencing interruptions to your electricity supply, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to Mr Basil Scarsella who is the Chief Executive Officer of UK Power Networks as we don't want to go through yet another winter of power cuts and interrupted supply - more importantly, we don't want even more of our birds, whether indigenous or visitors, to lose their lives - totally unnecessarily.







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