Tell City Hall NOT to withhold our taxpayer-funded school buses!

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On May 3rd, Mayor Lauretti's office issued an email to the Board of Education ("BoE") with a new directive that the Shelton School District can no longer use the school buses.  That's right, the buses purchased with OUR taxpayer dollars for the express purpose of transporting OUR children.  


The City recently decided that school transportation would be cheaper if they ran it themselves. The BoE, in good faith, put the transportation contract process on hold to allow the City the time to put together a proposal.  However, no written plan or potential contract was ever produced.  No operating plans, no cost proposal, no potential savings.  As the weeks passed, qualified vendors indicated that they would withdraw their proposals unless a vote was taken to select a transportation vendor, which must be up and running by July 9th for summer school.

In the absence of a proposal of any kind, and in the interest of providing the safest and most efficient transportation for our children, the BoE had no choice but to move forward with their selection of a low-cost bidder.  Now the Mayor has retaliated by withdrawing the newly-purchased buses for use by the Shelton Public Schools.


Removal of the school buses will add nearly $1 million to the existing $1.6 million gap in school funding.  Forget any additional school security, program enhancements, school counselors, new-hires to reduce class sizes, or improved access to modern technology.  Say hello to layoffs, increased class sizes, and the return of Pay to Play.  

Please sign this petition and tell the Mayor that this spiteful move is unacceptable.  The people of Shelton-- the CHILDREN of Shelton-- deserve better!