Petition: Make A Registry For People Who Influence Children to Lie About Sex Crimes

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This is very important to me because I was falsely accused and convicted of a child sex crimes even though the boys mother knew I was innocent, her son confessed to me that he was sorry and that his own mother made him lie. This is a serious accusation and I would not say this unless I have proof to back it up. This is serious. I am not talking about little kids making it up. The new proposed law would make stiff penalties for people that encourage children to fabricate stories of sex abuse. Also, it would make the adults and the people involved with the investigation responsible for their actions. I believe that little children would not make this up UNLESS they were prompted by their parents or another adult to do so. I do want this petition to take off because falsely accusing people ruin their lives while the accusers lives remain unchanged. IF THE ALLEDGED abuse happened, I encourage you to come forward and tell someone. You just do not make up stories because someone told you to.

Further to prove the confession happened, and my lawyer withheld it from the court, check my website for more information on my case. Click on the Victim Impact and the Confession tab. You will see where the boys mother admitted only two weeks before trial that "Her son Jeffrey felt like he was wrong" The confession was all on audio tape. My own lawyer HID the confession from the judge and jury.

Please sign my petitions. I would like to have my convictions overturned. This case will blow your mind. I would like to see new laws put in place to protect the innocent and prosecute the people that really take advantage of our children. Right now anyone can charge anyone and they will get free representation and they have absolutely nothing to lose if the charge is proven to be false.

I would like to see new laws that would prosecute anyone who would influence children to lie about sex crimes. Further, I would like to see a Registry made for people that commit this act. We should not have to take this anymore. Here the convicted offender has their names searched on the internet with a registry where the accusers do not have anything to lose. If this law was in place, they would have something to lose if the facts came out that they lied.

Therefore, this would help with the false arrests of people because if they are lying they most certainly would not want to make false allegations if they knew they would be some kind of punishment. You can call this Stephen's Law. I can prove my innocence and want my day in court to bring out the facts that should have been brought out the first time.