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Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance for All Eagle Pass Businesses & Residents

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I am creating this petition to express my concern for the amount recyclable waste that is going to landfills for the city of Eagle Pass, TX. As a citizen of this community living in a household, I deal with the daily frustration of not having easy access to a recycling receptacle. With so many people living under one roof you can only imagine how much trash we generate, a recycling dumpster  should be mandatory. I understand that drop off spots are offered for those who do not have curbside pick up, however, not many people are willing to carry or drive around a big bag of trash. The City of Eagle Pass Recycling & Landfill info website states that "all other materials recycled such as paper, magazines, plastic, etc., do not have a market." This means that only cardboard, aluminum, and other metals are the only materials being recycled in Maverick County, while everything else is going into landfills. It has almost been a year that city ordinance has banned the distribution of plastic shopping bags, which is a big step in keeping our environment clean. However, plastic bottles, containers, and even the plastic bags used to store the trash for pick up inevitably still go to landfills harming our environment. The next big step, in my opinion, would be to find a solution to the excuse of not having a "market" for recycling paper, plastic, and other environmentally harmful wastes. A more progressive approach to this problem would be to reuse all disposed plastics to create recycling, compost, and trash containers to supply to homes and businesses. By making recycling mandatory, this will enable all local citizens to be encouraged to recycle while having access to the equipment to do so. 

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