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Mandatory Price Quotes For Health Care

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  • Why are our health care premiums the size of a car or mortgage payment?
  • Why are we spending more out of our own pocket but getting less?
  • Why do we worry even routine medical bills will wreck our finances?

U.S. health care is expensive is because there is no price competition for underlying medical services. This is because hospitals and insurance companies hide the prices until after the service has been performed (preventing consumers from comparison shopping in advance). They have rigged the system to maximize their profits.

We believe consumers (rather than government or the so called health care experts) are the best qualified people to make decisions on the products and services they want, and the price they are willing to pay. They just need a fair opportunity to make the free market work for them.

To address the above, we are lobbying to get initiatives on state ballots (for the 2018 election) mandating binding price quotes for non-emergency medical services. These quotes would involve the following:

  • A clear explanation of the services (or potential services).
  • A written estimate for those services:
  1. What the hospital charges
  2. What the insurance company will reimburse or credit against a deductible or coinsurance
  3. The patient’s financial responsibility (if any) for the difference.
  • An acknowledgement that any medical services delivered without a price quote will be provided to consumers free of charge.
  • An acknowledgement that any requests for insurance reimbursement rates which are not met will be reimbursed at 100% of the consumer quoted rate, with consumers owing nothing.

We expect to get an estimate before we take our cars in for repair—why shouldn’t we expect the same when we go to see the doctor?

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