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Mandatory Labelling for Bee Products and Removal of Pesticide Use

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As we needed to decide on what social action we would be looking at and taking action on as a Level 3 Social Studies assignment, we had decided that the bee decline in New Zealand had been an issue that we needed to contribute to.

The misuse of pesticides affects the habitat of bees and is therefore affecting what is contained in honey. We want the removal of pesticides in food products that contain honey and honey itself or the labeling of harmful pesticides to be specifically known. We would like to see this change law in The Ministry of Primary Industries.

The honey bees in New Zealand are a big part of the economy as we depend on them for uses such as pollination, horticulture and food security. It would be a major loss for New Zealand as a nation if bees had become extinct a 30-40% loss to our economy would occur. An estimated $700 billion loss in economy. 

Some of the effects that the bee population decline will show over the long term are the price increase in fruits in supermarkets in fruits such as satsuma mandarins, peaches, apricots, oranges and cherries. 

We are wanting to make people aware in New Zealand how much the use of pesticides affect the health decline in honey bees and to spread awareness of the importance of bees in our society in New Zealand as seeing these statistics and research shows the significance of how important bees are to our country. 

Making this petition would help us as a nation to become aware of the issues of the honey bee as we think that it isn't personally broadcasted enough and to push the government and the MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) to make a change in the removal of pesticides and make labelling mandatory on honey bee products to find safer ways to remove pests that are affecting the agriculture plants in New Zealand.

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