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Mandatory Check at Liquor Serving Joints itself to discourage DRINK & DRIVE

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     When we go with family or friends at a bar and restaurant or go to a pub to get a drink and catch up with friends - because these places are made available to us legally - we dont go with the intention of getting drunk and to become a social menace. But problem arises when we think that we are not too drunk to drive. People usually leave by their own vehicles back home sometimes in groups or sometimes alone trying to evade cops by sneaking away through service roads or avoiding check points underestimating their ability to cause grievous injuries to someone or to even ones own self. Once on the road behind a wheel no one knows what will happen next. Its only destiny thereafter that takes over.

     The management of the pub or the Bar or the restaurant is well aware of your situation since they are the people serving drinks to you. If we can make it their prerogative to allow only those who are under the permissible limit to get behind the wheels and also ask them to encourage the drunk to board a taxi instead we can curb drink and drive cases to a large extent. And also by doing this we can avoid some corrupt cops who are more interested in filling their pockets rather than road safety. Once in the hands of the police one is completely unaware of their rights and is subject to unimaginable humiliation and wrong intimidation and also physical assault at times. 

    The main purpose of the DONT DRINK & DRIVE is SAFETY. I believe along with the person who drinks it is also the responsibility of the people who serve it to assure road safety. With this step we can drastically bring down drink and drive cases as well as corruption related to the same at the initial level itself thus avoiding lots of bad blood.

I urge you to support me in this solution or even suggest a solution to 'STOP DRINK AND DRIVE' at the initial level itself!


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