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Mandate underground safe rooms are built in all schools in Tornado Alley

This was the original source of the starting petition for mandating storm shelters in all newly built schools. PLEASE SIGN HERE. There are a lot of people that have since started there own, but this spreads out all of the signatures. Join the conversation on facebook with the other 15,000 that have liked and joined it, It is pinned to the top! Don't you want your kids safe at school? On average, 1,000 tornadoes happen per year, it is not a matter of if, but when another school is hit... Make the change! Some states are required to have earthquake restrictions, and others hurricane building restrictions, so why not tornado mandates too? Sign the petition and join the conversation. Feel free to come over to and join the talk there as well...

Letter to
State Lawmakers
Governors Marry Fallin, Rick Perry, Sam Brownback
Mandate underground safe rooms are built in all schools in Tornado Alley. Join the live conversation on facebook at We already have over 15000 likes and thousands of comments on it. SAVE OUR CHILDREN! Not just for now, but for the future!

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